New York 2019

Emanuele Biagioni is a painter of cities. Yet this is too easy a description for the working methods he uses to render and recreate the voyeuristic experience of traveling through cities in our contemporary world. It’s more accurate to say that Emanuele Biagioni paints the vistas of a solitary traveler as he moves through Western metropolises. Inspired by crowds, pedestrians, traffic, cars, lights, crosswalks, what initially stands out in Biagioni’s works is the painterly finesse he applies to his works, Every detail is accounted for, and is rendered with neither more or less care than it requires. Coming from a realist tradition, viewers seem to inhabit the cities Biagioni paints alongside him, like a friend on an otherwise lonely journey.

Along with realistic fidelity, what makes Biagioni’s works unique is their perspective. His works seem like a painted snapshot of momentary views—sometimes from ariel perspectives. Often realizing his works by beginning with a dark background, then gradually finding and bringing out the various light scales to maximize expression, Biagioni’s vantages situated at great heights are a marvel to behold.

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